1.The TavoSelect Phage Display Platform

is a result of decades of experience by the Tavotek Team.  The TavoSelect Platform offers highly diversified human antibody sequences that can be utilized in different formats: VHH and other single domains, IgG, multi-specific antibodies, fusion proteins, and the engineering of host defense cell surface receptors. 

TavoSelect of leads emphasizes creative screening procedures, NGS analyses, and utilization of proprietary AI software to capture and optimize the best candidates rapidly. 

The TavoSelect Platform process generates novel diverse therapeutic biologic molecules and medical diagnostics for patients.

Our technology offers:

  • Deep diversity of hits by using proprietary computational analysis and machine learning . An overview is shown in the diagram.
  • Robust and differentiated selection procedure using physiologically relevant conditions to obtain specific and potent hits.
  • Efficient lead optimization using a cost-efficient process with a quick turn-around time without sacrificing quality
  • Improved manufacturability  CMC filtering is applied to our machine learning      capabilities 

TavoSelect Platform Video Introduction

TavoSelect Platform Video Introduction