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Current medical therapy is not without problems. Commonly used small molecule and antibody drugs both have multiple limitations.


There are several limitations of small molecule drugs:

  • Small surface area exposure can limit binding affinity and specificity

  • Poor modulation of protein-protein Interactions; Most designs cannot incorporate avidity or allosteric modulation

  • Need for optimizing ADME

Meanwhile, there are also multiple limitations of antibody biologics as well:

  • Biophysical properties prevent cell penetration and limit tissue penetration

  • Many uncertainties in the drug product CMC and immunogenicity

  • Manufacturing process complexity and high cost

To respond to this unmet medical need, Tavotek has created TavoELITE™, a novel platform that goes after intracellular targets for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.


  • Enhanced target cell-specific internalization

  • Efficient endosomal escape for intracellular target

  • Intracellular target intervention by protein-protein interaction (modulation, inhibition or degradation) and/or through RNA modulation (silencing or delivering)

Building Blocks

  • Novel molecular constructs that enhance target cell-specific internalization (e.g., VHO and VHO-Fc)

  • CPP, EDD, circular RNA, etc. that enable efficient endosomal escape

  • Utilizing enhanced Fc function or by conjugating small molecule engager to enable ubiquitin protease-mediated degradation

  • Fab, scFv, peptide, or small molecule that specifically interact with the intracellular protein target

  • Shuttled gene therapy components 

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