"Invention is the most important product of man's creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs.” — Nikola Telsa



TavoPrecise™ is a Fit-for-Purpose monoclonal antibody and multi-specific biologics development. It has the following 3 key features:

1) Proprietary TavoSelect™ Library to identify unique epitopes for differentiation

2) Bispecific or Multi-specific Agents:

  • Optimized potency and specificity

  • Target specific activation

  • Synergistic Bispecific / Multispecific targeting

3) Target Specific Engineering

  • Optimized effector functions

  • Protease resistance

  • Engineered PK / PD



Tavotek’s edge in biologics engineering include the following major characteristics:

  • Selection of potency to maximize dose control and tissue penetration

  • Highly differentiated antibody with broad therapeutic index

  • Unique architectural design with varying target arm ratio

  • Dual-epitope antibody

  • Bispecific or multispecific antibody to focus on efficacious diseased tissue targeting

  • Activation of multispecific antibody by enzymes localized to the vicinity of diseased tissue

  • Optimal pharmacokinetic design for dose control and diseased tissue penetration

  • Optimization for potential topical and oral delivery


Besides humanization using our proprietary structural algorithms, Tavotek optimizes lead molecules with the goal to make “fit for purpose” antibodies based on unique biology of each particular target.


Tavotek performs computer-aided antibody design using a proprietary algorithm to model and analyze antigen-antibody interactions in order to optimize antibody binding affinity, specificity, and differentiation for intellectual property purpose.


Critical factors employed in lead optimization include the following:

  • CDR and framework optimization to improve antibody binding affinity and specificity using structural models

  • Removal of post-translational modifications due to sequence liabilities

  • Optimizing the physical-chemical properties of the molecules using proprietary structural algorithms

  • Modulating the pharmacokinetic properties of the molecule for efficacy

  • Modulating the Fc activity of the antibody for optimal pharmaco-dynamic control

  • Improving the humanness score of the humanized mAbs by minimizing or eliminating non-human sequences and potential T cell epitopes

  • Maximizing IP position by having distinct sequences for paratopes and epitopes

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© 2023 Tavotek Biotherapeutics All rights reserved.(267) 405-9426